Kiln Dried Fence Posts

Kiln Dried Fence Posts


Treatment specification


The posts are treated in accordance with Hazard/Use Class 4 to ensure they will provide long life in wet conditions.

These posts are kiln dried to measure not more than 28% moisture prior to treating, in accordance with I.S. 436 standard. This standard is laid down by the government for posts used in all grant approved schemes The manufacturer (Adhmaid Cill na Martra Teo.) of these fence posts will issue an I.S. 436 certificate for every grant approved scheme. The farmer shall submit the completed certificate together with the standard paperwork for grant aid. This Standard is the same as what is used for motorway fencing.

Because the posts are kiln dried and pressure treated to such a high standard, more farmers are buying them outside of grant schemes due to the high quality and life expectancy.

The picture shows a 1.8m post, 100-125mm in diameter, treated to I.S. 436 standard with a minimum life expectancy of 15 years.

 Here is some information on the NSAI standard:

  •  Minimum Life Expectancy 15 Years
  •  Kiln Dried with a maximum pre-treatment moisture content of 28%
  •  Pressure treated to Hazard Class 4 (direct soil or fresh water contact) in accordance with IS 436 Standard  (e.g. Motorway Fencing Standards)
  •  NSAI Approved (I.S. 436) qualifying for all Government Grant Schemes such as AEOS schemes, Sheep fencing schemes, Forestry schemes

Timber has long been the preferred material for a wide range of end uses around the farm. The aim of this document is to in-form you of the benefits of using preservative pressure treated timber for farm fencing and to highlight the current Irish Stan-dard that is relevant I.S.436.

An on-site quality control scheme is operated by NSAI. For further information visit

Below are a bale of 2.1m strainer posts, treated to hazard class 4 standard, with at least a minimum life expectancy of 15 years. Cross cut samples of a stake treated in accordance with IS 436 are also below.

These samples illustrate that the preservative has penetrated the required 6mm in accordance with the standard.
  Strainers   Wood Cuts  



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